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It’s time to take your music the next level! It’s always time for that, but when you’re a beginner, or even just want to grow your skills – it’s definitely time for that!

So.. I am now offering Skype Lessons for:

Guitar: I have played acoustic guitar for 18 years and my job is to unlock the understanding of how to find chords that sound good together, as well as teach you chords that you often only find in Nashville, not on walmart guitar charts, show you how to find and name bar chords quickly, teach you basic music theory that will really help you understand that music is simpler to figure out than you might have thought, and get you playing and writing your own music asap! Within days or weeks! No one finger, one note training here. I’m NOT teaching you how to read and write musical notes. My goal is get you to love playing guitar – to get you right into playing chords, strumming, finger picking & bar chords in record time. Basically this should be called “Street Smarts Guitar.” I’m cutting the fluff and getting right to the fun stuff!

Ukulele: Ukulele is a very easy to play and easy to learn instrument. I recommend that everybody learn to play ukulele because it’s fun and gets you seeing yourself as a musician with little time in training. It’s fun and makes people happy – and makes you more interesting. It’s also a great little instrument for songwriting, very cheap – often $100 or less for a good one, and there’s not much to it, unless you’re wanting to play electric style leads on it.. in which case – go for it! But I’m not your girl for leads.. yet. 🙂

Songwriting: I picked up early that I was a songwriter. Writing since 3 years old “Somebody stole my bike-eh-sull” x10 was actually my first hit! But when my dad got me started on a classical miniature guitar at 10 years old, I started writing again. I didn’t advance in my guitar skills until 15 though, so my songwriting stopped. However, from 15 to now I’ve co-written 5 albums of original music with my sister and have sung around the country (the US) thanks to expanding my guitar skills, and the gift of songwriting God gave me. I believe songwriting is a skill that can be learned. There’s definite form to it & there’s a reason those hits on the radio are hits. They often follow forms too. I will break down the structure of songs, show you how to put your song ideas to music (given you’re learning and instrument or know one), and give you songwriting tips and challenges to help you succeed! It’s time to start writing!

Basic Voice: You don’t have to be the best singer in the world to sing. I’m not, but guess what? No one cares! They care that you connect with them, that you speak to them with your voice, that you are into what your singing, that you understand what you’re singing. Everyone can improve – & that best thing someone can tell you is “You need voice lessons” – because that means you have something to work with! People often like to brag that “I never took voice lessons.” But it’s an ignorant brag. Because the best people in the world train. The best opera singers didn’t get there on their own. The best athletes have personal coaches. The fastest race horse didn’t get there by chance. We all need training in any area we want to grow in, so if you’ve been holding onto the “I’ve never had voice lessons” brag, I encourage you to let it go, let it go… because it’s not worth not getting better over & not experiencing what your voice can do! I want to keep expanding my voice too. I’ve bought some expensive vocal coaching courses and would love to help you expand your vocal style! This is going to be fun!


$30 a half hour. $60 an hour.

My prices are comparable & lower than some – but besides that – you are worth it! My goal is not to have you in music lessons forever – I want to get you on the Fast Track I wish I had early on. I am also regularly putting out free content on my YouTube channel for you to use. But if you need or want any extra help + my curriculum, I’m here for you.

Click here to email me for time frames. But read below first!

Here’s what Comes with your Instrument Lessons:

– Being that I’m just starting out – you’re gettin it all! One day this “Starter Kit” may be a separate product all on it’s own – but for being of my original tribe – it all comes included. Happy Birthday! 🙂

My Custom Curriculum that I’m continually working on & expanding including:

My Fast Track Guitar Chords Chart: This PDF shows you how to play in every key on the guitar. I aso have one for the ukulele. It’s basic 7 chords for every major key. Not sharp/flat right now. I use a capo to play those and most guitar players do too. Made with my own system of guitar chords I made one by one for hours on end. Inspired by my 13 year old sister who is learning guitar who gave me permission to break the pattern of the normal guitar chord orientation to be replaced by the “Camille Chords” that in our opinion, make more sense to any starting guitar player. Haddie said “normal chord charts look like math. Your look like fun!” I treasure that comment from her, because my goal is to make music curriculum that’s fun for you to look at & use!

My Ultimate Songwriting Cheat Sheet – Some of my favorite chord progressions I’ve put together that most of the most popular songs use. As well as unique chord sequences I love that I write songs to as well. It’s a great mix & match list in every key that you will LOVE! I know this because I’ve been playing guitar so long & I’m excited to have this when I get into a songwriting slump & have run out of creativity or forget the chord progressions I already know! We all need refreshers sometimes.

Chord Charts of Songs to Practice to: Songs like Somewhere over the Rainbow, What a Wonderful World, Amazing Grace.. I have a list of 400 songs to pull from. & I will also show you how to find and chart the songs you love online. Ps. I will not teach you to play any song that I do not morally agree with.

My Tips & Advice & Encouragement to help you through your trouble points & give direction. This is the heart of one-on-one lessons – to get personalized help to take you to the next level. I can also give tips on songs you’ve written, explain anything that doesn’t quite make sense, and encourage you on your journey. I also can coach on the music business side if you’d like as I’ve been in and around the music industry for 9 years now, and can help you avoid some traps and time wasters – as well as point you to some of the best mentors the music industry has to offer. People I’ve bought courses from that have showed me the ropes.

My recommendations on Guitar Care & Best Products: strings, guitar types to buy and avoid, capos, guitar tools & brands, how to tune you guitar, names of strings and how to remember them, names of the parts of the guitar. Just stuff you need to know.

Hope to see you at some point on Skype! I would love to see everyone I am able to teach or encourage in some way at some time. – Camille