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Hi, I’m Camille & I’ve worked hard to create the Best First Guitar Lesson I could for you – starting with the easiest key to play, the Key of G. Click the video above to see it on my new YouTube Channel: Fast Track Music School. 

Also, subscribe to my YouTube Channel for weekly lessons to get you on the Fast Track of playing guitar! It doesn’t have to take forever to learn.. & that’s what I’m all about. You don’t have to be a maestro to be good at guitar and get started writing your own music.  I started at 10 knowing only key of D and wrote my first song. 

Everyone and their brother can play other people’s music – but my goal is to get you creating your own music – your own music with your own message to encourage, entertain, and potentially change the lives of the people in your sphere of influence.

I’m going to make my videos as simple as I can, yet still packed with a ton of content, because I believe though there are alot of great guitar tutorials out there, they don’t always put it all together in a way that you can hit the road running with! 

Here is the link to get my Easy to Use, Free Guitar Chord Chart that will get you playing in every key as soon as possible. Sign up and you will also hear from me when I put new helpful videos & resources & recommendations out. I so wanted something like this Chart for so long that I eventually just had to sit down behind the computer for hours and make it myself. & I’m happy I did, because now I can give it away for free to you! Because it’s mine! 

That’s the power of having your own material – whether it be music, a course, a PDF…  you can give it away to whomever you please without asking anyone’s permission! I love it! 

Free Guitar Chord Chart: Click Here!

I hope you have a great day & you pick up your instrument & hone your gift today. It’s worth it! You will be so happy in a year from now that you started today.  That’s my personalized version of one of my favorite quotes. 

Happy playing! 

Camile Harris





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