Hey! I’m so happy you found us – well, me right now. Aloha! I’m Camille & I truly believe I can help you learn guitar the fastest of anyone out there – because my goal is not to milk you for money forever on the slow train of music lessons! For one YouTube is free, but if you do want online lessons at some point, I want to get you playing fast! My worst nightmare is someone picking up an instrument, excited to learn, trying to find the right youtube videos to take them all the way, not being able to, then coming up with a reason that they should have never thought they could play in the first place, and then abandoning their instrument or musical talent forever… a potential songwriter and artist or entertainer undeveloped – and all because they didn’t have a great teacher or the right resources to get them going fast enough, or not having someone to encourage them through the hick-ups of learning. We live in a microwave speed society – and I believe music lessons need to respond to the change of the times. Not everyone wants to be the best ever at an instrument or know every music theory rule out there – most of us just want to be able to play our favorite songs when we want to play them, impress someone, know how to put chords to the songs we write, or be in a band with some friends. Of course you can always go further than that and become one of the greats of history – but that’s up to you and your commitment level.

My philosophy is that our gifts were given to us to glorify God and to entertain and encourage people.  Music can go where speeches and sermons cannot. It’s a gift given to you that you can give to others, a tool that can be used for the change and betterment of society.. or for simply expressing our inner feelings that don’t always come out otherwise.

If you’ve been drawn to being a musician, artist, worship leader, songwriter, or even a music teacher – I truly believe this is the Fast Track you’ve been waiting for.

Welcome aboard the music train! Choo Chooo!

Camille Harris

INSTA: @CamilleHarris / @FastTrackMusicSchool