I think everyone should be able to play guitar. It’s not as complicated as you think and you really only need to learn to play 20 chords to play so many songs! Guitar is definitely my first love and I love getting people to see how simple guitar really is! I’ll get you going on basic theory as well, one page worth that will set you up for years to come! Learn your skills and start writing and playing your favorite songs asap! 

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Ukulele is probably the easiest instrument to learn! Anyone at almost any age can pick it up – kids to grandparents. It’s a great intro into guitar as well as it gets your fingers used to holding down strings – its also sooo easy on your fingers! On top of that a good ukulele is so affordable at usually $100 or less, that it makes an amazing gift or gift to yourself! My Ukulele lessons are a quick course and can literally be learned in weeks!

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If you’re a songwriter, you probably already know it. There are specific songwriting structures that always seem to work and are used by hit songwriters that I’ve studied and can show you! I will always be a songwriter and I would love to help you in your creativity! But I always recommend learning an instrument so you can know how to put your songs to music!

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Hey I’m Camille

A little about me. My dad put a baby classical guitar in my hands at 10 years old and showed me my first 5 chords. At 15 I learned more chords and starting writing music like crazy! 5 albums worth, which my dad raised like 50K to record in 2 years! My sister and I started performing together and had our first million plus viral song video in 2012 called “Game On” for Rick Santorum who was running for President. From there we started performing around the country and kept improving our act and started doing a lot of private parties. I began to learn more instruments – ukulele, bass, cajon, banjo, mandolin, piano and learned that you can really play the basics of any of those instruments with ease if you know the path. 

I’ve taught people over the years, but didn’t have curriculum and people often forgot most of what I taught them! Shocker I know. So this year I’ve created my own guitar & ukulele curriculum and have already found it really helpful for my students! 

My goal is to get you going fast! Not to need a teacher forever. I’m currently doing Skype lessons for a limited time until my online music school is ready to launch, so if you’d like to learn from me personally, email me at and I’ll get you going as fast you’re willing to go! Also, follow my YouTube channel below to get started!

Camille Harris Fast track music school quick fast skype lessons

Next Steps…

Click Here for my Free Guitar Chord Chart PDF! Learn the 7 chords for every key that you need to know to start playing today! Literally, I want everyone to have this!